Hiya. I'm Kerry.
and I love …

A Brief Ourstory

What am I doing back here?

In 2015 I had the first of many subsequent experiences of satori. Looking out over the placid waves of the Caribbean, I was inundated with gratitude. Marveling at the dancing bones of the clouds and the structured symphony of the sea, I realized suddenly that I could choose happy. As it turns out I had been unknowingly choosing to suffer up until then. After that misery has been optional, voluntary.

Everything began to cascade from there

Within a year I had wrapped up my typical American techie life. I resigned my post as an experience designer in clean energy technology, gave up my San Francisco apartment, donated my possessions, and hit the road on a Triumph to find myself. Not long afterward I drowned and died… and revived having swum halfway through that warm green tunnel. Thus began my Third Half.

Love is the answer.

A year and change later after much wandering, adventure, and inner and outer turmoil, I encountered Tom Campbell’s My Big T.O.E., in the 900-some pages of which he details his Theory of Everything. (Here are my collected paraphrasings from that tome.) Pedestrian as it might sound, hearing Tom (on a barely-viewed YouTube video) tell us that “love is the answer” cracked me open wide and suddenly. Satori all over again. I was elated as my mind raced through the important questions, noticing that love was indeed the answer to each one. I had found myself. The search for home began.

Bliss is the purpose.

To be continued…

Work becomes play.

Which brings us up to date.